Is Performance Management betraying expectations?

It is expected that a definition of Performance Management (PM) be the introduction piece for this expression of thought. Well, forgive my rather unconventional approach by wanting to jump straight into the main course. PM has seen a lot of good times and can be said not to have scratched the surface of its possibilities. We all know that the appraisal aspect of PM is just one of the many activities that makes it a system. Best to mention here that this reflection is not about the inadequacies of the various PM systems. Little digression in celebration of many that has been and have continued to be relevant. First on my list will be the BSC! My personal favorite but least favored to majority due to its seemingly complexity. It bridges the business intents with the outputs of all functions within an organization. Next will be OKR! In my opinion, this is a simplified version of the BSC without the ceremonies of perspectives et al. Also worth referencing will be the MBO. The list goes on and very soon, I will be adding my own creation and I hope you guys give it a chance.

The advent of AI and its disruptions in the work space aligns with my posit that PM was yet to scratch the surface of it possibilities.

Can we have PM without knowing we do? I personally feel that is where we need to start pitching our PM. Can we infuse it into work? Can we make PM feel like showing up at work and everything in between? Let’s crack this, our traditional appraisal intervention is such that in periods, we are aware that something that determines that shift in our career or wallet is about to take place and hence apprehension sets it, all human moves targeted at winning big sets in. Kudos to the organizations that have crossed the bridge, found a way of making appraisal instantaneous. Well, you guys are doing a great job. For those who are still keyed into periodic, you are on track to launching into the next level. For those who are yet to commence any form of PM, it is not too late to activate the process.

So the question is, how do we infuse PM into our organisational life and it feels like the air we breathe? Making it seamless!

First, we need to decide that investments needs to be made and HR needs to get the brief that the shapers of the business have their undiluted commitment to this new way.

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