Published: 2016 | ISBN. 978-978-956-378-4 | White Stone Publications

Retrenchment, Lay-off, right-sizing, down-sizing, disengagement are similar approaches in getting an organisation back on track as related to survival and growth. A good example of such need for survival is the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic. Beyond pandemics, organisation are threatened by different things such as Recession, M&A, Divestment, New Management etc. These threats inform any of the staff reduction activities mentioned above.

Today, the world is going through a pandemic that has shut down economies of both advanced and developing countries. Businesses are gasping for survival. The last resort for most businesses will be to reduce their headcount.

BEING TOLD TO GO; Majority pray against it but it is a reality that faces us even more in this era of COVID19.

Employees who at one point in their career experienced ‘’being told to go’’ get destabilized for a longer period than necessary before retracing their path. Majority are not so lucky as they remain caged in that state of psychological depression for the remaining active years of their life.

This book is carefully written as a guide and support manual for all individuals who are currently in permanent employment. It is expected to shape your mindset, inform your expectations, challenge your contributions within the workplace, re-set your thoughts on wealth creation and help you take informed decisions on strategic positioning within an organisation. 

While we all hope that we dont suffer such fate of being told to go, it is important that we tool ourselves with insights gathered from research and from extensive chat with those who have lost their jobs in the past. 

When you are told to go is structured into three (3) sections:

Section One: Provides  clarity into the concept of retrenchment and its different aspects.

Section Two: Focused on experience sharing from those who at one time or the other have gone through Retrenchment, sharing their stories.

Section Three: Provide insights, guidance, tools, models that are expected to make an individual retrenchment foolproof.

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