Human Skills Matrix

The MIT Jameel World Education Lab Human Skills Matrix (HSX) – Got interested in this matrix and felt value can be derived off it. So to this end, a tool was designed to assess the 24 skills with the possibility of a multi-rater approach. It is designed to be flexible in usage. It also comes with a development plan which spans a twelve months period.

Competency Framework

Some years ago, it became an hobby of mine to collect competencies. From there, I developed a SaaS platform for developing competency frameworks and for assessing competency gaps. Anyways, you can now have access to the excel version of the dictionary and the framework.

Human Capital Reporting Template

Staying on top of essential human capital metrics is very important for real time decision making. some of the metrics identified in this dashboard are in compliance with the stipulations of ISO reporting on Human Capital. Some are included based off my professional experience.

OKR Appraisal Template

The OKR Appraisal Template was designed to make it easy to deplore the use of OKR within an establishment that cannot signup for a paid platform. This template can be transferred to either of Microsoft or Google forms. With this, it is possible to achieve self tracking on the part of staff and corporate-wide real-time tracking. To achieve this, it is simply about linking individual sheets to the corporate dashboard sheet. The possibilities are endless without breaking the bank.

1000 HR Practice

This is a compilation of relevant practice questions and answers that can provide you with the required leap in HR. Areas of focus within the e-book are: General Practice Areas, Human Resource Development, Strategic Planning and Human Resource Planning, Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, Job Classification, Competency, Competency Modelling & Job Design, Career and Retention, Global Human Resources Management, Strategic Human Resources Management and Expatriates Management, Organisational Behaviour and Decision Making, Selection, Equal Opportunity, and the Law, Safety, Risk Management, Internal Employee Relations, Employee Safety, Health, and Wellness, Human Resource Transformation, Human Resource Strategy and Analysis, Organisation of work and Theoretical Models of Human Resource, Predictive Analytics for Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Talent Management, ROI in HR and Training, People, Capability Maturity Model, Human Capital, Training and Developing Employees, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicator and Principles of Management, HR and Organizational Culture, Social System, Diversity & Inclusion, CSR strategy, OD strategy and Engagement strategy, Compensation, Employee Benefits, Motivation, Incentives, Productivity and Strategic Pay Plan.

Competency Dictionary

394 competencies listed in this book with their descriptions. These are competencies across over 40 professions. Below are a listing of professions covered: Audit, Accounting & Finance, Business Management, Customer & Client Services, Banking Operations, Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Credit and Risk Management, Treasury Management, Engineering & Construction, Health, Safety and Environment, Administration & Logistics, Brands Communication Management, Human Resources, Information Management & Digital, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Telecoms & Technology, Building & Facilities Management, Legal, Project Management, Procurement Management, Strategic Management, Insurance, Corporate Governance & Risk Management, Capital Market, Consulting, Data Analysis, Communications, Quality Control & Continuous Improvement, Office Administration, Politics & Diplomatic, Community Development, Media & Content, Labour, Health & Medicals, Environment & Water, Economy & Statistics, Education, Strategy & Planning, ICT, Pharmaceuticals, Soft Skills, Leadership.

Grading System Tool

Easy to use grading system tool that can help with the evaluation of your jobs across factors and having such jobs mapped to appropriate grade levels within your organisation. The tool is adjustable and is 100% editable.

Succession Planning Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to guide you in carrying out an effective succession planning within your organisation. It is a rich toolkit that comes with editable templates, tools and framework. In this toolkit, you will have access to the following: Succession Planning and Career Development Deck with voice recording to guide you, Critical Roles Identification Questionnaire, Critical Roles Identification Backend Analysis Tool, Potential Successors Identification Questionnaire, Potential Successors Identification Backend Analysis Tool, Individual Development Plan Template, Readiness Assessment Template, Risk Chart, Development Tracker, Succession Planning Policy Document, Succession Planning Policy Manual, Competency Framework (non-editable)