Human Skills Matrix

The MIT Jameel World Education Lab Human Skills Matrix (HSX) – Got interested in this matrix and felt value can be derived off it. So to this end, a tool was designed to assess the 24 skills with the possibility of a multi-rater approach. It is designed to be flexible in usage. It also comes with a development plan which spans a twelve months period.

Competency Framework

Some years ago, it became an hobby of mine to collect competencies. From there, I developed a SaaS platform for developing competency frameworks and for assessing competency gaps. Anyways, you can now have access to the excel version of the dictionary and the framework.

Human Capital Reporting Template

Staying on top of essential human capital metrics is very important for real time decision making. some of the metrics identified in this dashboard are in compliance with the stipulations of ISO reporting on Human Capital. Some are included based off my professional experience.

Balanced Scorecard Templates

These are templates that can quickly get you started in your process of deploying the balanced scorecard in your organisation. Templates are carefully arranged in sequence that guides you on what happens after each other.

1000 HR Practice

OKR Templates

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