Forecasting Workforce Demand

Human Capital Risk is a risk that all shades of organisations will be exposed to as struggle for top talents continue to intensify. The demand and supply equation of this risk is the most potent all risk embedded in the people risk. This risk necessitates the need for pro-activeness in projecting talent needs that will continue  to help drive strategy and organisation. 

Imagine running a survey of where your organisation is with your top talent and the possibility of still having them in your pool in a foreseeable future. Better still, what percentage of your top talents are secretly on their way to Canada? What percentage of such talents will be available for organisations in a future time? There are myriads of questions to be asked. However, the starting point is for you and your organisation to know what you will need in the next 3 – 5 years or more.

The course presented below will show how to go about forecasting your workforce need while thinking of the demand and supply of such need. 

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Areas of focus for learning purpose:

  • Overview
  • Identify Pivot and Critical Jobs
  • Analyze Human Capital Risk
  • Develop a forecast of demand

The case: Good Health Medical Centre (GHMC) was used for teaching. It is expected that by the end of this course, you will have an understanding of how to identify pivotal and critical roles and forecast demand for your business or organisation.

What you will also get from this course are templates you can use for your in-house activity.

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