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The Ultimate Human Resources Course

The Ultimate Human Resources Course is a compilation of relevant HR related courses for those who aspire to learn more about the strategic aspects of HR Interventions. These courses are focused on how-to. The Ultimate HR Course gets a new courses added to it on a monthly basis. The approach for teaching any of the courses are instructional, case adoption and story telling.

The following are current courses available as part of ‘The Ultimate Human Resources Course’:

When it comes to business, three things are critical. They are Strategy, Talent and Organisation. The success of these trio is also dependent on an effective system that helps to track performance at different levels of an organisation.

This course will explore how you can go about building such system. It will focus on the most preferred performance measurement tools available and how to go about designing and implementing them.

APPROACH: Case Learning (Using a dummy organisation to show you how)


  • Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
  • Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
  • Management by Objective (MBO)
  • 360 Degree Appraisal System

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) simply depicts preparedness on the part of an organisation as it concerns its future. When it comes to Talents and the strategic goals of an organisation, what kind of talents will be required in the nearest future is a question that SWP helps to answer.

This course will show you the step-by-step approach on how to carry out a Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)

APPROACH: Case Learning (Using a dummy organisation to show you how)

The subject of people as it concerns organisation is critical to the growth and continued existence of any business or venture. How do you know when and where there are gaps as far as your people is concerned? People analytics is all about working with data to take informed decisions based on different forms of analysis. 

APPROACH: Instructional Learning and scenario review

Bringing Strategy, Talents and Systems to function in alignment with business model requires some extensive work around designing functional reporting flow for an organisation. The question Organisational Design helps to ask and answer is ‘’How best can a business be structured to ensure that work flow is well positioned for the purpose of effectiveness and efficiency?’’ Organisational Design goes beyond drawing boxes and using connectors to make a map of connected boxes.

APPROACH: Instructional Learning and scenario review

The word succession simply refers to succeeding. Within the context of an organisation, it is a question of who is ready to step into a job role? How robust is the pool of potential successors for different jobs across the organisation. Now, before deciding on these individuals, some ground work must be carried out successfully.

APPROACH: Case Learning (Using a dummy organisation to show you how)

There are expectations from a partner in a business relationship. It is expected that every partner in a business relationship is responsible for an aspect of the business. This can only be possible and successful when all partners understand the essence of the business before they can play their respective roles. In the case of an HR Business Partner, the incumbent of such portfolio is expected to play both strategic and tactical roles in the course of carrying out business friendly HR activities and interventions.

APPROACH: Instructional Learning

Data is king in every aspect of life. It helps to unravel things beyond the present while also addressing the present. Exploring the benefits of data analysis in learning and development is an opportunity to start attending to specific and appropriate learning needs. How can data play active role in the deployment of intervention and tracking of the application of learning?

APPROACH: Instructional Learning

Excel Dashboards for HR Executives

Excelcutive is an Excel Course for Human Resources Executives. This course will equip learners on how to build HR Dashboards using Microsoft Excel Application. The intent of this course is to explore the possibilities of HR data and how to present them in meaningful formats through readable dashboards. 

Areas to be covered in this course are: the application of Pivot Table to achieve different kinds of reporting, formatting of tables, visualization of tables, application of slicers and establishing connections. These and many more will be covered in this course. 

Approach: A dummy Organisation has been created for this learning using the data from their HR Department. The instructor will explore the different possibilities from the data collected by the HR Department to produce different components of a dashboard. This will further be presented using PowerPoint.

Instructor: Femi Ojomo

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